Wooden soul of surfing

picture: Hannes Jahn

Wooden soul of surfing

picture: Hannes Jahn



At TreemBoards we distinguish between two basic types of surfboards. One is the surfboard for the ocean and in the future for facilities with moving waves, and the other one is the river board for standing waves. Find the right board for your wave here.

Here you will also find tips and advice on how to use accessories, the pros and cons of grip pads, and so on.

creation & special features .TreemBoards

creation & special features

Your TreemBoard is handmade in a small factory in the Thuringian Forest in Germany. Every single step until the finished wooden board makes your TreemBoard unique. From the selection of the materials and their processing to the fibre composite cover and the completion of your board. The most important goals are:
  • eco-friendly materials
  • durable board
  • lightweight and very good performance

the Minimalibu

the Fish

ocean boards

beginner level:

So you want to call your first surfboard your own, have already rented a few surfboards and mastered the basics like standing up in white water, taking care of your equipment and have surfed your first green waves? Then our Minimalibu is the best starter drug for you.

The shape of this board will guarantee you to catch a lot of waves. The double concave tail, which ends in a minivee, makes the board very responsive for its length and allows you to do relaxed turns on the wave. You can choose between different sizes. The longer the board, the easier it is to catch a wave, but the harder it is to manoeuvre the board.
This board is suitable from weak waves to 2-metre-high soft longboard waves.

intermediate level:

You want to take the next step and surf bigger powerful waves?
You need a board you can duck dive?
Then our Fish is the best choice for you. It can be surfed from 0.5-metre to 3-metre-high waves and has excellent paddling characteristics. At the same time, it is significantly shorter and more manoeuvrable. It has 5 fin boxes, so you are free to choose your own fin setup. The board has a single concave bottom, which makes it very fast. Due to its shape the board is very forgiving. The fish also allows you to catch more waves than a comparable shortboard.

The Minimalibu in a slightly shorter version is equally ideal for intermediate surfers to have fun in weaker waves.

advanced level:

You already own several surfboards and are looking for a new addition to your quiver?

Then take a look at our Fish. Like all of our surfboards, it is available in different sizes and with different volumes.

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