Wooden soul of surfing

picture: Hannes Jahn

Wooden soul of surfing

picture: Hannes Jahn


the TreemTeam.


I’m Natalie, age 27, and I support TreemBoards mainly in the area of marketing…


Hello, I’m Max and I’m an enthusiastic surfer. I’ve been friends with Martin for many years…


I’m Martin, the founder of TreemBoards! I develop and design sustainable and handmade surfboards made of the renewable resource wood. During a holiday in Morocco in 2014, I became passionate about surfing…


Hi! I’m Johannes, a very good friend of Martin and the technical support at Treemboards…


My name Marina is originally from Latin and means “the one who comes from the sea”…


Okt 2014
my first surfing experiences

In my first free semester break, I travelled to a surf camp in Morocco for 4 weeks. My passion for surfing was awakened there.

the first own wooden surfboard

During my bachelor's degree, I designed the wooden surfboard on the computer and milled and manufactured it in the university workshop.
I surfed and tested the board on Sylt and Tenerife.

Juni 2017
Shaping plastic surfboards

Together with Max, I dared to try out the first plastic surfboards.

More wooden surfboards

This was followed by two wooden Minimalibus during the Master's programme. These were constructed for the first time in the light and stable wooden construction method.
We surfed and tested the boards on the Atlantic coast.

Okt 2019
Decision to become self-employed

During a holiday in Sri Lanka in October 2019, I decided to start my own business building wooden surfboards.

First, I wanted to create a financial cushion for myself.

Ende 2019

Besides my professional work as an engineer, I prepared the foundation of the company.

Frühjahr 2021
Test the first prototypes of riverboards

The first riverboards are tested in the Eisbach and the Flossländle and then improved, further developed and tested again.

Ocean Surfboards

The further developed Fish and Minimalibu are put through their paces under various conditions in Portugal, Spain and France together with friends.


TreemBoards was founded on 1 October 2021.

Jan 2022
Exhibition of the boards on the Hasewelle in Osnabrück

The first riverboards exhibited in Osnabrück

März 2022
Launch of the website

Since the beginning of March there is a website.